Black Sun Miniatures

I am quite excited by this bit of news… Black Sun Miniatures is a new miniature company that is about to start releasing some really wonderful miniatures which really suit my tastes for leather clad, muscle bound behemoths. What makes it even more exciting is that they appear to be 3 different scales coming out – 35mm, … More Black Sun Miniatures

Ax Faction – NEMESIS

The guys at Ax Faction are at Figureworld in Oundle this weekend and they have a new release to coincide with the event. Cue stage left, Nemesis a classic, incense swinging, scythe wielding, evil necromantic type.

Another crowdfunder that has my attention – Heresy Kickstarter

Anyone who has read my post about Big Boris will know that I have a real soft spot for that burly barbarian and really everything that Heresy Miniatures produce tends to ring some kind of bell with me… it has that tongue in cheek retro dungeoneering feel that I love, and enough bad-assery to keep me … More Another crowdfunder that has my attention – Heresy Kickstarter