Dropzone Commander Diorama Finished!

And its done…! Painting 10mm models was quite a new experience for me and despite a few issues along the way, I am really quite pleased with the way this little scene turned out. I had a few learning experiences along the way – such as white is really tricky and painting long smooth gradients … More Dropzone Commander Diorama Finished!

Dropzone Commander

I recently mentioned a new set of models by Hawk Wargames for their new Dropship Commander game, and frothed a bit about how much I loved the aesthetic of the miniatures… well today I can give you a closer look at some of the Post Human Republic miniatures as I have picked up a small … More Dropzone Commander

New miniature company, and the 10mm scale… Dropzone Commander

I am predominantly a painter of 28mm+ wargames miniatres, but I dabble in some of the larger scales – 1:20 scifi, 1:10 busts and the odd 54mm/75mm figure. I would normally dismiss anything smaller than 28mm out of hand due to my perception that the models will be a) less impressive and b) less detailed … More New miniature company, and the 10mm scale… Dropzone Commander