Hello, my name is Peter and I’m a Big Boris Addict

Ahoy Heretics! Since picking it up at Salute in April, I have had a guilty pleasure lurking on my painting table, picked up and put down between commissions and Space Marines – (another) Big Boris Mk III! I am most definitely a Big Boris Addict as he is so much fun to paint. He has … More Hello, my name is Peter and I’m a Big Boris Addict

Another crowdfunder that has my attention – Heresy Kickstarter

Anyone who has read my post about Big Boris will know that I have a real soft spot for that burly barbarian and really everything that Heresy Miniatures produce tends to ring some kind of bell with me… it has that tongue in cheek retro dungeoneering feel that I love, and enough bad-assery to keep me … More Another crowdfunder that has my attention – Heresy Kickstarter

Heresy Dragon Unboxing

I like dragons, a fact that I am not ashamed to admit. Tracy, on the other hand absolutely LURVES dragons. It makes my infatuation with those winged scaled monstrosities seem positively trivial. She has loads of different dragon models ranging from the tiny to the immense, from 80’s classics to modern monsters and they all live in … More Heresy Dragon Unboxing

Big Boris III is done!

He’s finished! And in double-quick time for me…! As he is for Heresy Miniatures themselves, I have kept him on the sculpted base which comes with the figure. I am pretty pleased with the way he has come out, especially the light/dark contrast in the metallics (which haven’t photographed quite as contrasty) and the flesh … More Big Boris III is done!

Big Boris

Back in the early noughties when I was discovering a world outside of Games Workshop (yes, it does exist!), and Rackham had just blown my mind with its quirky designs and lashings of continental flair, I stumbled across Heresy Miniatures. The sculpts may not have been as sophisticated as those from our French cousins, but … More Big Boris