Gladiatorc (minus plinth)

I think I am definitely bitten by the painting bug at the moment… I haven’t even considered playing anything on the PC… Diablo has been left lonely and the various other MMOs that I’ve been playing are sat forlorn, and disappointed at their lack of game time. I, however, have been painting like a demon … More Gladiatorc (minus plinth)

Big Boris III is done!

He’s finished! And in double-quick time for me…! As he is for Heresy Miniatures themselves, I have kept him on the sculpted base which comes with the figure. I am pretty pleased with the way he has come out, especially the light/dark contrast in the metallics (which haven’t photographed quite as contrasty) and the flesh … More Big Boris III is done!

Big Boris

Back in the early noughties when I was discovering a world outside of Games Workshop (yes, it does exist!), and Rackham had just blown my mind with its quirky designs and lashings of continental flair, I stumbled across Heresy Miniatures. The sculpts may not have been as sophisticated as those from our French cousins, but … More Big Boris