Bar-bar-bar Bar-bar-ian

“OMFG” may be an over used cliché but OMFG! I’ve finally got round to picking up some of Black Sun‘s 75mm barbarians. I am so impressed, I have decided to do a bit of a box opening post at a review of the miniatures contained therein. To keep this balanced (as I do love my … More Bar-bar-bar Bar-bar-ian

New miniature company, and the 10mm scale… Dropzone Commander

I am predominantly a painter of 28mm+ wargames miniatres, but I dabble in some of the larger scales – 1:20 scifi, 1:10 busts and the odd 54mm/75mm figure. I would normally dismiss anything smaller than 28mm out of hand due to my perception that the models will be a) less impressive and b) less detailed … More New miniature company, and the 10mm scale… Dropzone Commander

Big Boris

Back in the early noughties when I was discovering a world outside of Games Workshop (yes, it does exist!), and Rackham had just blown my mind with its quirky designs and lashings of continental flair, I stumbled across Heresy Miniatures. The sculpts may not have been as sophisticated as those from our French cousins, but … More Big Boris