Banelegions – Ulric the Defiler in progress

The current project I am working on is a Banelegions model ‘Ulric the Defiler’, basically a hulking chaos cultist type with a demonic axe. I picked this up many moons ago, I think it was when Banelegions first came on the market but have only just got round to painting it (A bit like the Frontline Gamer). Its a really interesting model to paint with lots of well defined and well sculpted detail, and being a barbarian-type something which always floats my boat.

After two recent events where I have been rubbing shoulders with a guy called Tommie Soule from the Golem Painting Studio (one as a student, the other as a mentor), I have really got the urge to improve my NMM (something Tommie is pretty awesome at doing) so this guy has gone down the NMM route…

I havent got any decent photos of him (I think I need to get a proper photo session done), but I do have some quick WIP shots from my mobile phone which are reasonably representative (he’s not quite so pink IRL). This is my favourite angle at the moment – I think its all the gribbly heads hanging from his belt.

EDIT: Here are some older, but better photos of Ulric

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