Black Sun Miniatures

I am quite excited by this bit of news…

Black Sun Miniatures is a new miniature company that is about to start releasing some really wonderful miniatures which really suit my tastes for leather clad, muscle bound behemoths. What makes it even more exciting is that they appear to be 3 different scales coming out – 35mm, 75mm and busts!

Take a look at some of these examples:

An absolutely beautifully sculpted old barbarian (who just happens to be sporting my moustache) from the uber talented fingers of Joaquin Palacios – cant wait to see a painted version of this guy!


And a stunning characterful bust sculpted by the master Romain Van Den Boegart and painted by one of my painting heroes Ben Komets (whom I do seem to talk far too much about on these pages… sorry Ben!)


Now, as if that wasn’t exciting enough, they have actually got another version of the Old Barbarian in 35mm scale which is also superb! This one sculpted by by Luc “Thantor” Pinganaud and really captures the details well even in this much smaller scale.


What makes this particularly special is that I have been speaking with Carlos over at Black Sun Miniatures and it is with great excitement to say that I will be doing some paintwork for them on their 35mm line! I have just started working on the studio version of this guy and here he is in his resin glory (not quite as tubby as in the photo above 😉 )

I have also started to paint him now – just the flesh tones to begin with (which is my usual MO), but I am already excited about how he will turn out!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Any of you who know my paint-jobs, or read any of these blog posts will know how much I enjoy painting barbarians and this has been no exception so far. Hopefully this will be the first of many for Black Sun, and I will most certainly be picking up a copy of some of the larger pieces too (that 75mm Old Barbarian is an absolute MUST HAVE!)

Make sure you check them out on Facebook and prepare to be amazed!

4 thoughts on “Black Sun Miniatures

  1. Have been followig this company after seeing boxart by Ben Komet and the sculpting progress. Very nice models being released, so seems like a positive future for them. Congratulation on doing the boxart think your style will compliment the 35MM.

    1. Thanks Naiconn – i think there is a great future ahead of these guys as I find their sculpts really quite exciting and a little bit different (especially the grizzled old vet barbarian), and they have some superb sculptors on board.

      I am looking forward to sharing more!

  2. I really would like to know when Black Sun Miniatures is going to launch their website? I see a lot of wonderful miniatures, but no release dates for them.

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