Bar-bar-bar Bar-bar-ian

“OMFG” may be an over used cliché but OMFG! I’ve finally got round to picking up some of Black Sun‘s 75mm barbarians. I am so impressed, I have decided to do a bit of a box opening post at a review of the miniatures contained therein. To keep this balanced (as I do love my … More Bar-bar-bar Bar-bar-ian

Black Sun Miniatures

I am quite excited by this bit of news… Black Sun Miniatures is a new miniature company that is about to start releasing some really wonderful miniatures which really suit my tastes for leather clad, muscle bound behemoths. What makes it even more exciting is that they appear to be 3 different scales coming out – 35mm, … More Black Sun Miniatures

Vulkan Lives!

Driving back from my local GW after a Saturday spent painting Imperial Fists and Tracy asked me “Did you post up the photos of Vulkan yet?” and it suddenly dawned on me that despite finishing him over a month ago I had yet to share him here! How very remiss of me! I had mentioned … More Vulkan Lives!

Buddha box in da house!

As I mentioned in my previous post, after working through Ben Komet’s video tutorials for painting Korghos Khul and getting rather excited by his loaded brush technique (and spurred on by the discount they were running at the time) I thought I’d give another Painting Buddha tutorial set a go.