Demonic portal by Thor14

There is an Italian sculptor over on Platoon Britannica called Carmine (who goes by the name of Thor14), and he is working on an enormous diorama of a horde of demons walking through a portal.

His plan is to make it for the next World Expo (Chicago 2017?) and is getting a number of his friends from the miniature painting community involved in the painting… but you’ve really got to see what he has done so far… it is looking outstanding! I will post a few photos here, but for the full work in progress check out his thread on PB.

Here are a selection of photos from the thread:

Now, the exciting bit… we have been asked to be involved in the painting of a couple of the demons! Specifically we have a couple of the winged demonic swarm that can be seen in this photo


And here is the first photo of one of the demons… classic red! Still more to do such as his eyes, some colour variation and maybe some spots on his head and/or wings.


I think this is going to be a really exciting project when it is complete. I have been part of a couple of other collaborations in the past (Jérémie Bonamant’s giant, and the Cool Mini or Not Paint Aid Ogre army) and it is always been a pleasure, and exciting to be part of, and this one feels no different! I cant wait until more painted images of the demonic portal start coming through 😀

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