Vulkan Lives!

Driving back from my local GW after a Saturday spent painting Imperial Fists and Tracy asked me “Did you post up the photos of Vulkan yet?” and it suddenly dawned on me that despite finishing him over a month ago I had yet to share him here! How very remiss of me! I had mentioned … More Vulkan Lives!

Massive Voodoo Daemonette

I know I have mentioned the Massive Voodoo class, but what I haven’t done yet, is show you some decent photos of the miniature that I managed to paint over the weekend. So this is the Massive Voodoo Daemonette, the culmination of 2 1/2 days of crazy painting… enjoy! (I certainly did!)

An interesting Kickstarter – Beyond the Gates of Antares

As you may have noticed, every so often I post about a Kickstarter on the blog. There are so many of them these days that I try to be quite selective with what I post and this one appears to be something a bit different again. I’ve pledged on board games which are complete and … More An interesting Kickstarter – Beyond the Gates of Antares

And we are done…

250pts of Grey Knights and their Inquisitor – painted in one month. There are a few bits I could still tweak, but I am happy with how these have turned out! I’ll get some proper photos soon, but here they are for now.