Ax Faction – NEMESIS

The guys at Ax Faction are at Figureworld in Oundle this weekend and they have a new release to coincide with the event. Cue stage left, Nemesis a classic, incense swinging, scythe wielding, evil necromantic type.

Massive Voodoo Daemonette

I know I have mentioned the Massive Voodoo class, but what I haven’t done yet, is show you some decent photos of the miniature that I managed to paint over the weekend. So this is the Massive Voodoo Daemonette, the culmination of 2 1/2 days of crazy painting… enjoy! (I certainly did!)

Magic people, voodoo people (AKA Massive Voodoo painting class!)

ROAD TRIP! The awesome guys over at Massive Voodoo are doing another of their International Beginners Painting Classes in the Netherlands this coming December…. and this time I’m going! For any of you who don’t know Massive Voodoo, they are a creative bunch of so-and-so’s based in Germany who have a really great ethos when … More Magic people, voodoo people (AKA Massive Voodoo painting class!)