Tabletop Standard Marine…

Yup, you read correctly, ‘tabletop standard’…

The bunch of guys Toosh and I paint with are all recovering wargamerholics and I have been spending a lot of time recently coveting their beautifully painted armies. The one thing I struggle to do these days is paint multiple miniatures to a decent standard, but I would definitely like to, but I get a bit bored of batch painting, and find a whole army a daunting prospect.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel – when we were up at the Golem studio there were a number of small personal project around the room which turned out to be a ‘Tale of X Gamers’ type thing. I remember this sort of thing from White Dwarf a few years ago – those involved would start a new army and set monthly targets of a number of points to complete. This number of points always seemed a reasonable amount to tackle and I think the Golem guys had settled on 250pts of a 40K army of their choice.

I think we are going to take on a similar challenge, and in advance of that, I wanted to try my hand at a very quick Space Marine. I intend to do a small Grey Knight force so have painted this marine in grey with steel and brass details. He is a normal space marine, but just a test so it doesn’t matter too much…

I got my Airbrush out for the first time to lay down the initial colour – a grey gradient – but painted the rest by hand.

here are a couple of photos:

As a test piece, there are a few things I’d do differently for my actual army. I would leave the head and backpack off, and possibly the gun (although with Grey Knights there are only a handful of models holding guns across their bodies), and I will also be making some more interesting bases for them. They’ll never win an award, but its a start and hopefully should help me learn to paint faster and understand where I can cut corners most efficiently.


4 thoughts on “Tabletop Standard Marine…

  1. Great start. Am constantly doing TT level painting for clients, so can attest especially lately that Marines sans Backpack, head and gun makes the process go much quicker. When up to speed, can probably get a marine out in 30-45 minutes to a decent standard. Thankfully you don’t need many to make 250 points! Looking forward to how your Tales of X project goes!

    1. 30-45 mins?? wow! Thats really quite an impressive feat! I am looking at that marine now and the d isplay painter side of my brain is telling me that its nowhere near good enough… bah! 😉

    2. Yeah, it is hard to look at models with a different eye. I think this guy looks incomplete as there is no accent colour… this should be ok with the Grey Knights as they will have their personal heraldry in red and white (and a lot more purity seals). Hopefully this (and a proper base) should alleviate my concerns 🙂

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