Magic people, voodoo people (AKA Massive Voodoo painting class!)


The awesome guys over at Massive Voodoo are doing another of their International Beginners Painting Classes in the Netherlands this coming December…. and this time I’m going!

For any of you who don’t know Massive Voodoo, they are a creative bunch of so-and-so’s based in Germany who have a really great ethos when it comes to the hobby. It is all about enjoying the art of painting miniatures, and the community that is brought about by the hobby.

In their words:

Massive Voodoo’s aim is to inspire people to have the most fun while enjoying the passion of miniature painting. We also want to reach people who are not yet even knowing about the beauty of this little miniature world and as long as we can hold a brush we will continue to do so. Those small figures and the worlds you can create around them bring so much joy.

And they very much succeed. I read the blog pretty much every week, and really hope to bring some of their enthusiasm and passion for what they do back to the UK with me as well as new techniques and style to add to my repertoire.

What will also make this an awesome trip is that I am going with a good friend of mine who has experienced the might of a Massive Voodoo painting class before, and there are going to be a number of internet friends that I will meet for the first time on this adventure.

I can’t wait!

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