An interesting Kickstarter – Beyond the Gates of Antares

As you may have noticed, every so often I post about a Kickstarter on the blog. There are so many of them these days that I try to be quite selective with what I post and this one appears to be something a bit different again. I’ve pledged on board games which are complete and just need an injection of cash for production, I’ve helped fund the retooling of miniatures in a new medium, and pledged on new miniature lines to add to existing companies.

However, this Kickstarter is for a wargame which has yet to be created – the backers will be part of the whole creation process. It is called ‘Beyond the Gates of Antares

This game has quite a high pedigree already with people like Rick Priestley involved in the rules and Kev White and Karol Rudyk involved from the miniatures side. There are a whole host of other people on board with this including ‘friends of the bodgersGolem Painting Studios – head over to the Beyond the Gates of Antares kickstarter and have a look for yourselves.

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