And now for something completely different… a Wight King

As a bit of an aside from the diorama, which is pretty much done btw, I decided to have a little play with one of Games Workshop’s newer releases – the Wight King. 

This is a plastic kit – a new style one packed in a blister, and it was an absolute joy to work with! This should be the way forward for GW kits in my opinion – very few mould lines, a ‘layered’ build which means it has loads of undercuts (which you usually miss in plastic) and a lovely level of detail without it being too overcrowded.

This was also a test of the new GW paints! Everything bar the steel metallics is painted using the new range of paints in the sorts of colour ‘triads’ that GW suggest. The red cloak for example is ‘Mephiston Red’ Base, followed by a wash of ‘Carroburg Crimson’ Shade and highlighted with ‘Evil Sunz Scarlet’ and ‘Wild Rider Red’ layers. I also used a bit of a deep blue-green shade ‘Coelia Greenshade’ on the deepest recesses of the cloak which worked really well.

I really like the way the paints flow off the brush with just a little water added to get the consistency I am used to working with. This is by no means a comprehensive test, but I have been pretty impressed so far and will continue to buy and use the new Citadel Colours.

(ps I have even used a ‘dry’ paint for the gold mail! It was actually very handy… will probably buy the silver one too)

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