And we are done…

250pts of Grey Knights and their Inquisitor – painted in one month.

There are a few bits I could still tweak, but I am happy with how these have turned out!

I’ll get some proper photos soon, but here they are for now.

6 thoughts on “And we are done…

  1. Thanks guys :)This month I have 5 GK Terminators to do… thats it… 250 points! But I also intend to add in a Jokaero for fun – I can either go over points or remove some options from the terminators.Time-wise, in that last day, I think it would have been tricky to get the grey so smooth on the tank without one. It certainly saved me from failing 😉 and I am still enjoying it a lot, and learning too, which is a large part of what I am trying to achieve.

    1. Yeah, me too! Thats also the point it becomes a game-legal 500pt army. Not built an army in a very long time ;)I’ll get up somne pics of the terminators in the not too distant future!

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