Wrath of Kings Union Worker

Wrath of Kings Union Worker… painted as a pig-faced orc!

I have some grand schemes for these Wrath of Kings models… I am actually intending to paint a group (warband?) of them as a bit of a challenge to myself – I haven’t painted a unit/squad of anything for a very long time…. but these models are different. Different in that beautiful, non-conventional, Rackham-esque way that has got me excited about miniatures.

Whilst on the topic of unconventional, I decided to paint this pig-man like an old school AD&D pig faced orc – so green rather than pink – and I am pretty happy with the way it is turning out. The sculpting and casting of these models is superb – certainly in the resin, but be warned, apparently they are limited run. According to the CMoN store, the resins are “Available now in limited quantities only until Gencon Indy, August 2012.”

I might have to buy some more…

But back on to the model. I have painted his skin and the leather cuirass to a level I am happy with (the armour may need some more spot highlights, but I will put these in once the rest of the model is painted if needed). The bit I am not 100% sold on are the striped leggings. I dont mind the prison-style& stripes as such, but I am a little concerned about the colour and how it effects the balance of the piece… what do you think? keep them this colour or change them to something else…. black and green? or green and red?

What do you think?

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