Frothers’ Charity Miniature 2012

The gentlemanly chaps over at the Frothers’ forums run a charity event pretty much every year, where a special model is sculpted and cast up in limited numbers and given to people who donate to the selected charities via a ‘just giving’ page. This is a great event; supporters get a great model and they raise a good sum of money doing it – last year they raised over £7000!! Last year the ‘model’ was actually a group of three ‘Charlies Angels’ types sculpted by three of my favourites sculptors – Kev White, Andrew Rae and Sebastian Archer, and they were all superb! This year’s miniature is a barbarian girlie – click here for more info: Frothers’ Unite!

Why am I posting this? Well, I was asked to be involved in the event this year… As well as the ‘Just Giving’ side of the event, the Frothers also run a raffle for painted copies of that event’s model, and this year I am one of the five painters painting for the raffle. Last year Tracy had the massive fortune to win a set of the Charlies Angels models painted by industry legend Kev Dallimore

Here is the artwork by Des Hanley:

And this is a photo of the actual model. Sculpted by Kev White (hoorah!) and painted by me

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