Piggie! AKA the Wrath of Kings ‘Union Worker’

Pork chops anyone?

So, I have been painting furiously since we moved into the new modelling room, and have managed to get the Union Worker to a state where i can say he is 95% complete. He still needs a base and possibly some freehand, but, as I want to have him as part of a regiment, I will be leaving both until I have a few more of these wonderful pig-men painted.

The intent is to have 3 Union Workers (pig-men), a Union Boss (big fat human being ridden by a Dwarf with a huge whip) and the Ironward (giant 6-eyed pig-man being ridden by a dwarf on a throne) on either a display base with removable gaming bases or a series of 5 related plinths.

Now for some photos:

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