Magic people, voodoo people (AKA Massive Voodoo painting class!)

ROAD TRIP! The awesome guys over at Massive Voodoo are doing another of their International Beginners Painting Classes in the Netherlands this coming December…. and this time I’m going! For any of you who don’t know Massive Voodoo, they are a creative bunch of so-and-so’s based in Germany who have a really great ethos when … More Magic people, voodoo people (AKA Massive Voodoo painting class!)

Golem Daemon Day

Last year Golem Painting Studio ran a workshop in the run-up to the UK Golden Demon event. The gist of which was that you took along your current project (potentially your Golden Demon entry) and worked under the watchful eye of a handful of tutors to really make sure your model was the best it could be. … More Golem Daemon Day

Black backgrounds

As a whole, I tend to be pretty old school when it comes to photographing miniatures – lots of light, and a traditional blue-to-white gradient background. The gradient background seems to be pretty passée these days but I am always a little unsure about people’s motivation for the way they photograph their miniatures. For me, the intent is to … More Black backgrounds

Zenithal priming?

I dont know if this will come across so well in these photos, but here are pics of my orc after the zenithal priming. You can just about see the transitions from grey to white where I have blasted white down from an angle

Amazing Duel

I love a good Duel entry at Golden Demons – its probably my favourite category. I love it even more when people think outside the box… and I don’t mean cramming the largest rock possible on top of the 50mm base and slapping a huge monster on there.  Here is an example of something which … More Amazing Duel