Against the odds….

Despite all the conflab about ‘end of the world stuff’, we find ourselves stepping into 2013 without a hitch.  2012 was a very busy year for the Bodgers; we attended a record number of shows and met lots of ‘new’ people. I say ‘new’ because they were people that we’d been talking to online for years in some cases, and we had the opportunity to meet them for the first time this year 🙂

Avicenna had an awesome painting year, both in terms of output and achievements. I’m sure his highlight of the year was his success at the Crystal Brush in Chicago where he came away with a Gold and a Bronze. His close second was probably selling his first sculpt which was put into production by War Griffon Miniatures – Gladiatorc is one of many great minis Martyn sells so check them out! Success continued at Euro Militaire where he got first bronze medal. Big smiles all round!

Sadly all that awesomeness was counterbalanced by my extremely poor performance for 2012. My head was stuffed full of great ideas as usual but I just couldn’t get my butt into gear to make them a reality.  I did make a start on a GW model – the really cool Nurgle Chaos Lord – he’s almost finished but not quite! I also bought some lovely Dark Eldar to get involved with the Tale of Four Painters malarky – they are still ‘work in progress’.  *sigh*

Back onto more positive stuff…..having met up with fellow painters around Devon during 2012, we starting getting together at various locations and got stuck into painting, jovial banter and general fun times. Having met Andy at the Plymouth Model Show earlier in the year, he invited us down to the Giant’s Lair, which he runs with a couple of friends, to help out with judging the painted armies in their tournaments. It was great fun and cool to see so many well painted armies. It’s become a regular haunt for us now, although we haven’t been there since October due to other commitments. But we will hopefully be there on Saturday 7 Jan, so if you are in the area pop in and say hello.

Something else that we did for the first time during 2012, was attending some painting classes. Avicenna went to a Golem Painting Studios painting class with Mike & Ali McVey and Tommie Soule and he came away with lots of great advice; proof that no matter how good you are, you can never learn enough in this hobby.  Avicenna obviously made a good impression as he was invited back to help with a master class, along with other talented painters, to help people with their Golden Demon entries. I went along too with the intention of sitting quietly in the corner, but Tommie wasn’t having any of that and I ended up sitting in and getting some actual painting done (shock horror!). We then both attended another class in November, this time at the actual location of Golem Studios itself – an NMM (Non-metallic metal) class by the painting whiz Tommie. He has a very unique take on how to paint NMM and it certainly works. Even I got passable results 🙂  The day was topped off by an awesome meal at a local Korean restaurant with friends that also attended the class.

All in all 2012 was great from a hobby point of view – despite my lack of paintiness – and I hope that 2013 is much the same, although with a bit more painting for me 😉  And just to prove I did something – baking and modelling in perfect harmony 😀

Happy New Year to you all and may 2013 be a creative, fun and happy year for you all.

Toosh x

2 thoughts on “Against the odds….

    1. Hey Gerrie – a happy new year to you and your family also :)Have another good year of painting and keep improving as quickly as you have been – its been a pleasure to watch! One of my resolutions this year will be to try and comment more on your blog – I read it frequently but post seldom.Take care dude!Peter

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