Infamy Miniatures Kickstarter

Friend of the bodgers and ruddy good bloke James at Infamy Miniatures started a Kickstarter yesterday for some wonderful Steampunk miniatures.

Kickstarter link

The quality of these miniature works of art is so good that I just had to share 🙂

He has really managed to bring some life to his setting by including some well-known names such as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, and then others with more of a twist like Jekyll and Hyde which, in Infamy’s London, are 2 people…

And from a steampunk perspective, what is better than a setting where the wonderful Nikola Tesla is wandering the streets? The miniatures will all be cast in high quality resin, and have been sculpted by some big names such as Mikh and Patrick Masson.

Some of the miniatures have also been sculpted using CAD by the mega-talented Adrien Debos…

Check out the Kickstarter Exclusive Tesla: Impressed yet? What are you still doing reading this? Get over there and pledge 🙂

If you need more coaxing, here is the sort of thing you can expect from a pledge level (you can also see some more of the great minis and cool concepts… yes, that is a Tea making machine 😉 ):

I have a handful of these already, and i must say that the quality is superb. Something which really pleased me was that the 30mm version of the Uncle John miniature is part of this lot too, and he has a number of monkey companions already…!

This Kickstarter runs for the next 30 days, and as it is now hit over 200% of target, will be funded on Sun, Aug 10 at 11:00 PM BST.

I shall leave you with a taster image of more Infamy artwork…


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