A quick Grey Knight update

These are the boys as they stand now. Ignore the blu-tac’d heads… I still have a bit of work to do on the inside of the neck area – needs some decent shading to make the helmets stand out. Stormbolters will be a dark red and I think the cowl of the Justicar needs some colour too.

This guy is the closest to completion. The first shot is the most accurate photo of the grey armour, but the blade is over exposed. The second photo is more over exposed on the armour, but the swords look pretty accurate. From a tabletop standard perspective, I am pretty chuffed with the way these have turned out

I think I need to knock back the yellow glow from the helmet looking at these photos. Its a bit more ‘taxi light’ orange in the flesh, but it might be a touch too much…

I still have a razorback and my Inquisitor to do before the end of the month… roll on Christmas break!

However, I do now have 5 bases almost ready for their occupants. I think I may need to add some skulls or maybe some spikes to add that GW/Chaotic flavour, but I am pretty happy with the way these have turned out. I also want to add some bolter shells etch strewn over the base.

2 thoughts on “A quick Grey Knight update

  1. I think the yellow OSL works well. It should be strong as it’s a light not just ambient glow like from the eye lenses. Besides with a table top quality job some times you have to exaggerate things to make it look “right”.

  2. Those are looking very nice.Regarding the cowl, my first thought was ‘don’t paint it red’ my second one was ‘white would work’.I think red would overpower the miniature with too much red but a white cowl would compliment the white stripes on the shoulder pads (seeing as the Justicar has a golden pad, it makes sense to blend him in).

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