Tale of Gamers – Grey Knights week 2

Second week down – more of the details on the Marines have been painted, and I have started work on the bases. There are two examples in the photos below – they are made from Super Sculpey, small (1:48) bricks by PK-Pro and a little bit of cork. They are not too tall and should be quick to paint effectively.

I do have a question though… the stormbolters – keep them black or paint them a dark red? The marine’s eyes are going to be a dark green, weapon blades will me a silvery blue (NMM style but with a bright silver metallic paint as the base colour + blue ink to shade). I have also added a yellow light at the top of the helmets (not so sure about that, but I will get a proper photo up at some point and ask your opinion)

All the kit and caboodle that I was using on Sunday night to create the bases. (and of course, the boys themselves)

In other news, I played my first game of 40K in 8 years on Friday, at Warhammer World of all places. I was playing 1000pts of MrDee’s Imperial Guard army with my ancient Crimson Fists and got my arse handed to me on a plate! Marine corpses lay everywhere… My Chaplain (and 10 Assault Marines) died in a huge ball of plasma, and my squads were all heavily depleted. However, in our scenario kill points were moot – it was all about capturing objectives and by the end of it, the score was 5:6 to me! Huzzah!

I completely fluked a win… but I enjoyed it. I definitely want to play a game with my Grey Knights when they are complete!

2 thoughts on “Tale of Gamers – Grey Knights week 2

  1. Looking good so far and the bases are particularly Gucci :)As for the Storm-bolter question, you know the answer… it has to be dark red (as a direct contrast to the grey of the armour, blue of the steel and green of the eyes).Black is fine but seeing as you are after effect as well as getting the troops painted, red HAS to be the way to go.It is nice to see these minis painted in a flat grey rather than blue steel… not only is it retro but it also gives them a solid feel (a bit like having their armour made out of stone – like the crux-terminatus that the Terminators wear on their shoulders).

    1. I think you are right… it needs to be dark red. This is particularly obvious when I think of the Incinerator (or whatever the flamer is called), the black just doesn’t cut the mustard there – too much of it.Glad you like the grey too 😉

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