Continuing on from the Golem NMM lesson

So, I promised I’d show what I had achieved at Tommie’s NMM lesson at Golem Studios, well here it is. After the full day of learning and several re-starts on the thigh piece, this is what I ended up with on Saturday evening.

Since Saturday I have continued my exploration of the theories and put them into practice on different areas such as the foot, his chest and his abdomen. These photos are a little overly stark when compared to real life, but I think it is really coming together. I am certainly enjoying using the technique!! Let me know what you think…

I also want to point you back int he direction of the thread on Platoon Britannica where photos of all of the models have been put up by Tommie Soule and more discussion is taking place (with extra advice from Mr Soule). Take a look!

4 thoughts on “Continuing on from the Golem NMM lesson

    1. I think you’d be surprised – you just need to spend a time with Tommie ‘the NMM maestro’ Soule 😉 The theories are relatively simple to pick up, its then just the application that needs practice.If you know the ‘traditional’ GW method of painting a gem, then that is a good start.

    1. Thanks dude 🙂 I am pretty happy with the transitions – they certainly look superb on Tommie’s photo (the first one), but a lot less tidy in my shots. In reality I think they are somewhere between the two.He is definitely going to get finished, even just as a practice piece and naturally I’ll post pics here. It’ll be good to see you on PB a bit more too TUA 😉

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