Hasslefree Sculpting Comp… Complete!

I didn’t post my finished sculpt for the contest?? doh!

This post has been sat here unpublished and unloved for quite some time, but I did get my entry finished, although it is quite plain compared to some of the entries…

It was definitely weird using greenstuff again after quite a long time, I forgot quite how much like chewing gum it is to work with! It wasn’t all bad though – the stickiness was certainly a useful property and something I have used since this model when sculpting extra fur onto a wolf.

Completed pics of the other entries start on about page 10 of the thread on the Forum of Doom.

EDIT: Completed pics of ALL the entries are now up on the Hasslefree Miniatures Facebook

Anyhow, here is my entry: Chianti ‘Hanibelle’ Lector

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