Dropzone Commander

I recently mentioned a new set of models by Hawk Wargames for their new Dropship Commander game, and frothed a bit about how much I loved the aesthetic of the miniatures… well today I can give you a closer look at some of the Post Human Republic miniatures as I have picked up a small number of pre-releases to paint for Hawk Wargames. They are all production casts, so exactly what you will get in the boxes/blisters (I don’t know which), but with none of the official packaging (so I can’t comment on that).

Now, I knew these were going to be resin, but I didn’t realise they were going to be injection moulded plastic/resin. This stuff is similar to the sort of thing Reaper, Trollforged and Avatars of War have started using, and yes, also similar to Games Workshop’s Finecast. However, from what I’ve seen so far, the quality is far higher than Finecast, and the details are so very crisp and clean.

The stash:

The prep work is going to be minimal – very few air bubbles, no warpage and a very few minor mould lines. There is also little or no flash on the models. As you can see from the photos, I got carried away and started prepping before taking the pics – the large dropship actually comes in 2 sections, front and back – the fit was absolutely PERFECT! As an additional note, the troopers are all in metal… might be due to the resilience of metal vs resin and the tiny joints on a mini just10mm tall.
So, what have I got? Its a Neptune Dropship, 2 Enyo Seige Walkers and 10 Immortals. For a size reference, the large squares on my cutting mat are 50mm, the smaller ones are 10mm
And finally… here is an initial sketch of the the scene I want to put these models into: the outside of a mountain stronghold
This build is also being featured on Beasts of War – pop over and watch how MrDee and I put together our respective dioramas – here

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